©2015 Recre8

BAIT is the third film produced from a collaboration between Recre8, Pretty Hate Productions and Daniel Alexander Films, following on from the success of both HURT and HOLD.

The film tells the story of a young schoolgirl, Grace, and her spiral down into the chilling and very real world of Child Sexual Exploitation.

The film has been developed with a unique and insightful resource, designed to be used alongside the film in an educational setting.

BAIT was funded and supported by Birmingham City Council and other credited supporters and has received nationwide attention as an important, relevant and needed piece of work that will only help our understanding of the issue of C.S.E and help the way that we tackle it.

The film screened at Cineworld, on Broad Street, Birmingham on the 10.03.2015 and both screenings, one in the morning and one in the evening, were full to capacity.  The reaction from cast and crowd, professionals, teachers and young people alike, was overwhelming.

This online version of the film and resource has been funded and supported by the N.W.G. Network.

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